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Services and Resources

Synapse Core Resources:

Leica DMI6000 microscope for epifluorescence or bright field imaging. The scope is configured with a range of Plan APO objectives (including 63x oil), ASI stage with multi-slide holder, LED light source, PCO Scientific CMOS camera, and Metamorph acquisition software. It has been optimized to collect image z-stacks and tiled images for mapping, and images can be used for subsequent deconvolution/analyses by individual users. For further information, and training, contact Kathleen Wang (

Mouse lines available include models for fragile X syndrome (Fmr1-knockout; on two background strains) and Angelman syndrome (Ube3a mutant), and the BTBR strain which exhibits autistic-like behaviors.

For additional information on the Synapse Core, please contact either Dr. Christine Gall ( or Dr. Julie Lauterborn (